Data acquisition in a nutshell#


  • I am seeing lots of things about MQTT. How is the data actually imported into the database?

  • Is data acquisition also possible through HTTP POST requests to the defined topic / channel address?


Data is usually ingested through MQTT [1]. However, ingesting data using HTTP [2] is also possible by adding a configuration object like outlined within HTTP acquisition API configuration.


A minimal example of how to publish data using MQTT is:

mosquitto_pub -h localhost -t mqttkit-1/testdrive/area-42/node-1/data/temperature -m '42.84'

A minimal example of how to submit data using HTTP is:

http POST http://localhost:24642/api/mqttkit-1/testdrive/area-42/node-1/data temperature:=42.84


Please follow the documentation to read more details about data acquisition through MQTT and HTTP.


  • See Basic example with MQTT for submitting measurement values / telemetry data from the command line.

  • For sending a simple oscillating signal to Kotori from the command line, please have a look at the Single sawtooth signal page.