Basic example with MQTT#


In this example, we will configure an example application with Kotori based on the MQTTKit application communication style. We will use MQTT as communication protocol and JSON as data serialization format. After activating the configuration and submitting a telemetry packet, a Grafana dashboard will be created automatically.

To read about all available options for MQTT data acquisition, please follow up at MQTT.

Configure Kotori application#

  • cp /etc/kotori/examples/mqttkit.ini /etc/kotori/apps-available/amazonas.ini
  • Edit:

    realm       = amazonas
    mqtt_topics = amazonas/#
  • Activate:

    ln -s /etc/kotori/apps-available/amazonas.ini /etc/kotori/apps-enabled/
  • Watch Kotori logfile:

    tail -F /var/log/kotori/kotori.log
  • Restart Kotori:

    systemctl restart kotori

Send sample telemetry packet#

aptitude install mosquitto-clients
mosquitto_pub -t $CHANNEL_TOPIC -m '{"temperature": 42.84, "humidity": 83.1}'

Watch telemetry data#


If you experience problems or don’t see any data in Grafana, please follow up with Troubleshooting.