Airrohr decoder#


Ingest telemetry data from air particulate measurement devices of the Sensor.Community (formerly Luftdaten.Info) project running the Airrohr Firmware.


The Airrohr appliance

The sensor appliance is based on an ESP8266. It supports the SPS30, SDS011, DHT22, BMP180, BMP/E 280, NEO-6M sensors and many more.

The system can submit measurement data to different sinks in various formats (Sensor.Community, Madavi, OpenSenseMap, AirCMS, InfluxDB, CSV) and also a custom HTTP API endpoint.


Getting the system configured properly is important, please read this section carefully.

Airrohr custom API configuration

Airrohr custom API configuration#


Let’s imagine a communication channel address and a device identifier.

Channel: universe/milky-way/earth-one
Device: node-42

The appropriate settings for the Airrohr settings dialog would then be

Path: /api-notls/universe/milky-way/earth-one/node-42/custom/airrohr
Port: 80

Please note the /custom/airrohr suffix here.


Submit an example JSON message payload to the HTTP API:

http \
    | http POST

The payload will be forwarded to this MQTT topic: