Setup on Arch Linux#


This part of the documentation covers the installation of Kotori and the whole software stack for telemetry data acquisition, processing and visualization on an Arch Linux system.

The first step to using any software package is getting it properly installed. Please read this section carefully.

After successfully installing the software, you might want to follow up with its configuration at Getting started.


Kotori is not available as an Arch User Repository (AUR) package yet. So, the installation will use Python’s pip installer to install the Python package from PyPI.

However, all foundation packages are natively available as Arch Linux packages.



Install Mosquitto, InfluxDB and Grafana:

pacman -Sy mosquitto influxdb grafana

MongoDB is provided through the Arch User Repository (AUR):

# Install Git in order to touch AUR
pacman -Sy git

# Install MongoDB daemon
git clone
cd mongodb-bin
makepkg -si

# Install MongoDB tools
git clone
cd mongodb-tools-bin
makepkg -si


# Install Python and pip
pacman -Sy python python-pip

# Install Kotori
pip install --user kotori


kotori --version