Setup on macOS#


This part of the documentation covers the installation of Kotori and the whole software stack for telemetry data acquisition, processing and visualization on a macOS system.

The first step to using any software package is getting it properly installed. Please read this section carefully.

After successfully installing the software, you might want to follow up with its configuration at Getting started.


Auxiliary services can be installed and run either natively on macOS through Homebrew or by using Docker.


Setup packages:

brew install mosquitto influxdb grafana mongodb/brew/mongodb-community

Run individual services:

# Invoke Mosquitto MQTT broker

# Invoke InfluxDB timeseries database

# Run MongoDB
mongod --dbpath /usr/local/var/mongodb

# Invoke Grafana
grafana-server \
    --config=/usr/local/etc/grafana/grafana.ini \
    --homepath /usr/local/share/grafana \
    --packaging=brew \
    cfg:default.paths.logs=/usr/local/var/log/grafana \ \

In order to start those services in the background, please read these instructions:

brew info mosquitto influxdb grafana | grep Caveats -A8

Install Kotori:

brew install python
pip install --user kotori


export PATH="~/Library/Python/3.9/bin:$PATH"
kotori --version


Please have a look at Run through Docker in order to run Mosquitto, InfluxDB, MongoDB, Grafana and Kotori by using Docker.