WeeWX is a free, open source weather station data collection software written in Python. It supports many popular weather stations.

To store all data in InfluxDB and display it in Grafana, we connected a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station, added the MQTT Plugin for WeeWX into the mix - and voilà …

Live data: https://swarm.hiveeyes.org/grafana/dashboard/db/weather-leoni

Embedded view:


Let’s have a look at the environment:

  • WeeWX is a popular program able to read data from a variety of weather stations.

  • MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/”Internet of Things” connectivity protocol.

  • Telemetry data is transmitted from WeeWX to the MQTT broker using the MQTT Plugin for WeeWX. An example JSON payload published from this plugin to the MQTT bus is:

        "windSpeed10_kph": "5.78725803977",
        "monthET": "1.32",
        "highUV": "0.0",
        "cloudbase_meter": "773.082217509",
        "leafTemp1_C": "8.33333333333",
        "rainAlarm": "0.0",
        "pressure_mbar": "948.046280104",
        "rain_cm": "0.0",
        "highRadiation": "0.0",
        "interval_minute": "5.0",
        "barometer_mbar": "1018.35464712",
        "yearRain_cm": "17.2000000043",
        "consBatteryVoltage_volt": "4.72",
        "dewpoint_C": "2.07088485785",
        "insideAlarm": "0.0",
        "inHumidity": "29.0",
        "soilLeafAlarm4": "0.0",
        "sunrise": "1492489200.0",
        "windGust_kph": "9.65608800006",
        "heatindex_C": "3.55555555556",
        "dayRain_cm": "0.0",
        "lowOutTemp": "38.3",
        "outsideAlarm1": "0.0",
        "forecastIcon": "8.0",
        "outsideAlarm2": "0.0",
        "windSpeed_kph": "3.95409343049",
        "forecastRule": "40.0",
        "windrun_km": "1.07449640224",
        "outHumidity": "90.0",
        "stormStart": "1492207200.0",
        "inDewpoint": "45.1231125123",
        "altimeter_mbar": "1016.62778614",
        "windchill_C": "3.55555555556",
        "appTemp_C": "1.26842313302",
        "outTemp_C": "3.55555555556",
        "windGustDir": "275.0",
        "extraAlarm1": "0.0",
        "extraAlarm2": "0.0",
        "extraAlarm3": "0.0",
        "extraAlarm4": "0.0",
        "extraAlarm5": "0.0",
        "extraAlarm6": "0.0",
        "extraAlarm7": "0.0",
        "extraAlarm8": "0.0",
        "humidex_C": "3.55555555556",
        "rain24_cm": "0.88000000022",
        "rxCheckPercent": "87.9791666667",
        "hourRain_cm": "0.0",
        "inTemp_C": "26.8333333333",
        "watertemp": "8.33333333333",
        "trendIcon": "59.7350993377",
        "soilLeafAlarm2": "0.0",
        "soilLeafAlarm3": "0.0",
        "usUnits": "16.0",
        "soilLeafAlarm1": "0.0",
        "leafWet4": "0.0",
        "txBatteryStatus": "0.0",
        "yearET": "4.88",
        "monthRain_cm": "2.94000000074",
        "UV": "0.0",
        "rainRate_cm_per_hour": "0.0",
        "dayET": "0.0",
        "dateTime": "1492467300.0",
        "windDir": "283.55437192",
        "stormRain_cm": "1.72000000043",
        "ET_cm": "0.0",
        "sunset": "1492538940.0",
        "highOutTemp": "38.4",
        "radiation_Wpm2": "0.0"

System overview#

// weeWX -> Grafana system overview digraph weewx { // Options rankdir=LR; ranksep=0.5; // Style //graph [splines=ortho]; node [pin=true, shape="box", fontname="Verdana"]; edge [fontname="Verdana"]; // Graph nodes represent system components "weather-station" [label="Weather station"]; "weewx" [label="weeWX"]; "weewx-mqtt-plugin" [label="weeWX MQTT plugin"]; "mqtt" [label="MQTT"]; "kotori" [label="Kotori"]; {rank=same; "influxdb"; "grafana" }; "influxdb" [label="InfluxDB"]; "grafana" [label="Grafana"]; // Graph edges represent communication paths "weather-station" -> "weewx"; "weewx" -> "weewx-mqtt-plugin"; "weewx-mqtt-plugin" -> "mqtt" [label="JSON"]; "mqtt" -> "kotori"; "kotori" -> "influxdb"; "kotori" -> "grafana"; "influxdb" -> "grafana"; }
  • Receive weather information from digital weather stations using WeeWX.

  • Publish them to the MQTT bus using the MQTT Plugin for WeeWX.

  • Store measurements to the InfluxDB timeseries database.

  • Automatically create Grafana panels for instant telemetry data visualization.

    Live weather data with Grafana

    Live weather data with Grafana#


This section is about running the whole platform on your own hardware. For full installation of the InfluxDB/Grafana/Mosquitto/Kotori stack, please have a look at the Setup page.


For setting up WeeWX, see also http://www.weewx.com/docs.html.

Setup WeeWX MQTT plugin#

Install the MQTT python bindings:

sudo pip install paho-mqtt

Download and install the plugin:

wget http://lancet.mit.edu/mwall/projects/weather/releases/weewx-mqtt-0.15.tgz
wee_extension --install weewx-mqtt.tgz

Configure plugin in weewx.conf:

        server_url = mqtt://username:password@mqtt.example.org:1883/
        topic = weewx/097287c4-6fb0-4aeb-a095-00d65ecb15f7/Leoni/VantagePro2
        unit_system = METRIC


Activate weewx.ini as configuration:

ln -sr /etc/kotori/examples/vendors/weewx.ini /etc/kotori/apps-available/
ln -sr /etc/kotori/apps-available/weewx.ini /etc/kotori/apps-enabled/
systemctl restart kotori


Receive measurement data#

mosquitto_sub -h mqtt.example.org -p 1883 -t 'weewx/#' -v

Display measurement data#

Go to https://grafana.example.org/grafana/dashboard/db/weewx-097287c4-6fb0-4aeb-a095-00d65ecb15f7-automatic.


  • Matthew Wall, Tom Keffer and all the other contributors for WeeWX.

  • Tor Hveem for AmatYr.

  • Jan Hoffmann for operating a WeeWX installation with a Davis Vantage Pro2 which is delivering interesting data from the shore of Lake Starnberg and for sharing it with us.

Platform usage#

We are not operating an open and collaborative weather information collection platform based on these technologies yet. Stay tuned or go ahead!